“Serving as a representative exclusively for the policyholder, Professional Claims Solutions will
make the difference between the minimum amount that this offered by the insurance carrier
and the maximum amount the property owner is entitled to recover.”

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David J. Van Puffelen, P.A.
Professional Claims Solutions
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About Us

Company Overview
Professional Claims Solutions has been assisting clients in their insurance claims since 1991.

The CEO of the company is David J. Van Puffelen. David holds a BS degree in Business Administration.

He worked for nearly nineteen years as an adjuster, supervisor and property manager for a nationally known insurance carrier. He then saw the opportunity to use the training and experience gained from working for the industry to assist the consumer in collecting all they are entitled following their loss.

He also works closely with numerous law firms in the field of consulting and bad faith issues. He also has testified as an expert witness in cases involving the issues of bad faith.

Due to his extensive background in establishing damages in the claims arena, he has also used his training in the area of appraisals in cases of disputed values.

He works as a litigation support person with numerous law firms, providing expert testimony in the area of claims defense work.

CEO Message
The insurance industry has trained claims adjusters working for them. You have worked long and hard to establish the investment in your home or business. Is it a prudent decision to trust the determination of your loss to someone who does not have your interests truly at heart? It is our belief that you as the consumer should be afforded the same opportunity to have a trained claim professional working exclusively with you to establish your loss.

Mission Statement
Is to provide our clients with honest professional assistance in the preparation and submission of their claims to recover the full extent of the payments to which they are entitled.

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